Recent Work

Wide area network that provided connectivity for twenty branch offices.


The system provided for the running of the companies “Delphi” based operational database and general office IT functions utilising “Microsoft’s Office 2007  suite of software.


Macroguard was responsible for providing the original specification, negotiating with prospective internet service providers for the secure services connectivity. We then project managed the process through to a successful conclusion. Connectivity was provided through BT over their secure “Equipe” network and hardware provided by Fujitsu Siemens.


Provision of a resilient SQL database solution for a web enabled business application.


Macroguard was approached to specify a resilient platform for a SQL database running in an internet based business. With the cooperation of our suppliers we were able to provide the basic specification for a system using mirrored Microsoft Advance Servers and a shared data storage system on a separate shared data storage device using the latest fibre optic technology.


We then provided the services to build and test the system in the UK and then ship it to the clients ISP hosting facility within the EEC.